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About us

24 August 2021 by hometelg

Hometel Greece was founded in Ioannina in 2017 and then expanded to Athens. As a fact the cities’ busy rhythm elicit continuous challenges when renting short and long-term residences.

At Hometel Greece, the tenant controls the lease’s duration and may choose his stay according to his needs, while achieving cheaper rent in apartments yet not compromising the quality.

Depending on your needs, the trip’s purpose and duration, the budget and the required space, Hometel Greece can offer you the most appropriate solution: flexible accommodation at the most advantageous prices in both Athens and Ioannina.

In 2021, Hometel Greece took the next decisive step in the hotel sector by creating its first Boutique Hotel, “Acropolis 8”, at Lysikratous 8 in Plaka.